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Ching-Fong Chang

General Information

Present Position Distingusihed Professor (NTOU)
National Chair Professor (Ministry of Education)
Director of the Center of Marine Biosciecne and Biotechnology (NTOU)
Address Department of Aquaculture
National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU)
Keelung, 20224
Telephone Tel (office) 886-2-2462-2192 Ext 5209 or 5240 or 5286
Fax 886-2-2462-1579
Education Ph.D.
1986 Department of Animal Sciences Washington State University Pullman, WA, USA
1982 Department of Animal Sciences Washington State University Pullman, WA, USA
1975 Department of Marine Food Science National Taiwan Ocean University Keelung, Taiwan
Teaching Courses Undergraduate level:
    Fish Physiology
    Lab of Fish Physiology
    General Biology (Physiology section)

Graduate level:
    Endocrinology, Fish Reproductive Physiology
Research area Reproductive Biology (fish, prawns, corals)
Endocrine Physiology (fish, prawns, corals)
Stress Physiology and immunity (fish) 
Sex Differentiation
Molecular biology

Honors and Awards

Excellent Research Award 1990 National Science Council, Taiwan
Honor for as an "Outstanding Young Person" at Keelung city 1991 Junior Chamber at Keelung, Taiwan
Distinguished Research Award 1991-1993 National Science Council, Taiwan
Honor for as "Ten Outstanding Young Persons" in Taiwan, R.O.C 1993 Junior Chamber, Taiwan
Distinguished Research Award 1994-1996 National Science Council, Taiwan
Distinguished Research Award 1996-1998 National Science Council, Taiwan
Award for as a Special Research Fellow 1998-2001 National Science Council, Taiwan
Outstanding teacher in college of life sciences 2000 National Taiwan Ocean University
Award for as a Special Research Fellow 2001-2004 National Science Council, Taiwan
Award as a Distinguished Professor 2004 National Taiwan Ocean University
Academic Award 2004 Ministry of Education, Taiwan
Distinguished Special Research Fellow 2004 National Science Council
National Chair Professor Award 2006 Ministry of Education

The Research and Teaching Activities

Ching-Fong ChangWe have been conducting a series of experiments related to "fish reproductive physiology", "sex differentiation and sex change in fish", "reproductive endocrinology and reproduction in coral", "hormone regulation in fish", "maturation mechanism in fish", "environmental physiology and immunity in fish", and "reproductive physiology in prawns" in the past 20 years at the National Taiwan Ocean University. The researches are focusing on the marine animals especially important aquaculture species (black porgy and grouper).

The most significant contribution to the scientific community is the studies of "reproductive biology and physiology in aquatic animals" (as a representative work). A series of the experiments were conducted such as sex differentiation, sex change mechanism, regulation of reproductive hormones, gonadal development and growth, gametogenesis, maturation, and reproduction control. We have many important new findings and significant contributions to the theory and applied aspects in the area of reproductive physiology. We applied biological methods, histology, physiology, endocrinology, cell biology, and molecular genetics to solve the scientific questions and problems; most importantly, we further provided the new concepts and new proposals on the basis of our experimental results. Our research has earned the respect by scientific colleagues from Taiwan and international levels. The lab had been recognized as the important and famous location in the world-wide to work on sex change, coral research and other related research.

In the past 20 years, I also spent much time in the teaching activities. The courses (General Biology, Fish Phsiology, Endocrinology, Fish Reproduction) were taught in the Department of Aquaculture. These courses are important in the area of aquatic life sciences. The students ranked these courses are one of the best in their curriculum. The students have developed strong background after finishing these courses.