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Center for Marine Bioscience and Biotechnology

Objective & Feature
The center for Marine Bioscience and Biotechnology (CMBB) has been established since August 2006 in the National Taiwan Ocean University, with the financial support from the Ministry of Education, Taiwan. The faculty members associated to the center are mainly from college of life sciences, college of ocean science and resource, and some engineering professors. The center is to encourage the integrative and cooperative research and academic activities within this university, domestic national wide and also international levels. The main purpose of this center is to develop and promote the research areas in marine and fishery science included aquatic life science. The main research areas included aquatic biology, embryo and larval development, physiology and environmental adaptation, disease and defense system, aquatic ecology. The core facilities for the research function were also established. This center emphasizes and focuses on the excellent research in marine bioscience and biotechnology from the basic aspects. The applied aspects such as development of key technology, teaching and education, and the knowledge transferring to the fields are also necessarily important for this center. In recent years, we are expecting to develop a well-known and outstanding institute for the bioscience and biotechnology at the international levels and contribute the research efforts to the academic and applied areas.

Core facilities provides the lab space and various equipments related to histology, microscopy, physiology, biochemical purification and gene analyses. 
The important equipments are as follows: high performance liquid chromatograph, fluorescence microscope, inverted microscope, stereo microscope, multicolor real-time PCR detection system, automated luminescent and fluorescence imagine system, vacuum concentrator, ELISA reader, millipore system, high-performance DNA analyzer, protean IEF system.

CMBB staff assist the usage of the various facilities.