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Sports and Extracurricular Activities

The University offers several sports facilities, including a standard soccer field, gymnasium, and swimming pools. A new student activity center will be open in 2006. The new center will provide a spacious and comfortable space for students to conduct a wide-range of extracurricular activities.

Currently there are 78 student organizations. Each May elect their leaders. There are six types of student organizations :

  • Sport: 15
  • Department Club: 14
  • Academics and Art: 20
  • Hometown and Special Interests: 10
  • Performance: 11
  • Service: 8

Two extraordinary annual events, the Fire-fly Festival and the Cotton Candy Festival are initiated and run by student organizations. The former, held in early April, is to raise public consciousness to preserve nature. The latter, held in late May, is the Valentine's Day of NTOU. Students convey their affection to their sweethearts with special meaning in the color of the cotton candy.