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College of Maritime Science and Management
- Department of Merchant Marine
- Department of Shipping and Transportation Management
- Department of Transportation Science
- Department of Marine Engineering

College of Life Sciences
- Department of Food Science
- Department of Aquaculture
- Department of Bioscience and Biotechnology
- Institute of Marine Biology
Doctoral Degree Program in Marine Biotechnology

College of Ocean Science and Resource
- Department of Environmental Biology and Fisheries Science
- Department of Marine Environmental Informatics
- Institute of Earth Sciences
- Institute of Marine Affairs and Resource Management
Institute of Marine Environment and Ecology

College of Engineering
- Department of Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
- Department of Systems Engineering and Naval Architecture
- Department of Harbor and River Engineering
- Institute of Materials Engineering

College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
- Department of Electrical Engineering
- Department of Computer Science and Engineering
- Department of Communications Navigation and Control Engineering
- Institute of Optoelectronic Sciences
- Undergraduate Program of Optoelectronics and Materials Technology

College of Humanities and Social Sciences
- Institute of Applied Economics
- Institute of Education
- Institute of Oceanic Culture
- Institute of Applied English
- Center of Teacher Education
- Teaching and Research Center of Humanities and Social Sciences
- Bachelor Program in Oceanic Cultural Creative Design Industries

College of Ocean Law and Policy
- Institute of the Law of the Sea
- Bachelor Degree Program in Ocean Tourism Management
- Undergarduate Program in Ocean Law and Policy
- Graduate Program in Ocean Policy